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About us

Hi I'm Michele and the owner of Monkeytails. This is my family, hubby Ashley, children William and Eira and the reason for Monkeytails. My cloth nappy journey started with William when he was close to 6 months old. We researched costs etc and realised pretty quickly that the cloth route was going to be cheaper and far more cute than the disposable option. I was frustrated back then (8yrs ago) that I couldn't find affordable nappies. Luckily I managed to build my stash with nappies that were on sale.

This is why I have researched and trialed nappies to be able to bring you affordable nappies without compromising on quality. Our nappies are manufactured overseas in order to keep them affordable for you.

I also wanted to expand this affordability into sanitary products as well and I have researched and found affordable period undies that I am excited to launch. I also think these are wonderful for little ladies just beginning to navigate their way through this 'grown up' world which takes the stress and fuss out of their periods. 

I am so excited for this journey and I hope to be able to help you in your journey to cloth nappies or reusable sanitary products.